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Here at Jason's Air-Tex our team of certified technicians is ready to handle any heating and air conditioning service repairs you may need.  With years of experience you can trust your homes indoor comfort to Jason's Air-Tex.


It is our goal to use our heating and air conditioning repair services to make your home or business a comfortable place to be and this starts using our professional installation service. We begin every single installation job by doing a number of calculations in order to figure out just how much cooling and heating power a home or business needs. Then, we will work with our customer and their budget in order to provide them with a system that will fit all of their needs.


A furnace is responsible for circulating heat through a home during the winter.

High Efficiency Heat Pump

A high efficiency heat pump is used to keep a home comfortable all year round. In the summer, the heat pump will suck the heat out of your home and in the winter it will draw heat in.


A traditional residential comfort system is made up of two components. The first is the indoor unit which is usually a furnace or an air handler. The second is an outdoor unit. The air conditioner is actually the outdoor unit that cools the air and then transfers it to the indoor unit in order to circulate the air throughout the home. The indoor and outdoor units are created to work as one. When your air conditioner and your furnace or air handler are properly matched, it allows you to have a longer lasting and more effective cooling system.


Thermostats are an extremely important part of a residential HVAC system that tends to get overlooked by homeowners. The thermostat is the interface that allows you to control your heating and cooling system. It is the device that tells you what your system is doing and what the temperature is in your home. It also allows you to communicate with the system and tell it what temperature you want the home to be.


We are proud of the great things our customers have told us over the years.  Our customers are what keep us moving.


We specialize in Aprilaire & Goodman products but are capable of handling service on any unit type, make and models.


Jason's Air-Tex has over 15 year experience and provides heating & air conditioning repair in the local & surrounding areas.

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